Q: What is vegan ice cream?

A: Vegan ice cream is a frozen treat free from any animal products. Meaning its free from eggs and dairy unlike traditional ice cream.

Q: What is the base you use to make ice cream?

A: We are unique at Brightside because we don't use just one base to create our delicious ice creams. Our 4 main bases are made from cashews, almonds, coconut milk, and sunbutter. Then we add in vegan cane sugar, real fruit, or allergen friendly chocolate, and a little magic to create our favorite flavors. We are constantly testing new bases as well. 

Q: Is this more healthy than dairy ice cream?

A: Brightside Vegan Ice Creams are a healthier option for those with dairy sensitivities. Brightside Ice Creams are still a tasty indulgence for everyone. Brightside is created in a shared kitchen where we cannot 100% claim there is no cross contamination, but we work diligently to avoid cross contamination with gluten and peanuts. We do use cashews and almonds in our facility. Coconut and Sunflower seed bases are produced at other times to avoid contamination with tree nuts, but are still produced using the same equipment.