When people in your family have food allergies, trusting in the food you eat means the difference in family movie night and a sleepless night. It was the need for dependable quality - and dependable movie nights - that started Brightside Vegan Ice Creams.

Food allergies and sensitivities are very real for our founder, Carrie Casey. Nobody in Carrie's family can have dairy and her husband is also allergic to gluten. That meant ice cream on movie night or hot summer nights never lived up to their expectations. Have allergies shouldn't mean you can't indulge! Carrie was simply not going to accept that dairy and gluten free ice cream had to be either sorbet, or an awkward, chewy substitute.  

Two years later, Carrie walked across the graduation stage of Ice Cream School with a commitment to creating unforgettable vegan, gluten and peanut free ice cream. Brightside Vegan Ice Cream was born. As was her family's love for ice cream again. Movies nights, hot summer nights and birthday parties will never be more inclusive - and more indulgent. Brightside Vegan Ice Creams are always vegan, gluten free, and peanut free.  Hand crafted in Denver, Colorado where we use the glacier runoff from the Rocky Mountains to cool all our ingredients (not really, but we do love sticking our feet in the cold runoff while eating safe ice cream).


WHat people say

"If you see her logo, stop what you’re doing and head in her direction".  -Amanda Faison

Modern Nomad
"Sunny butter chip is the new Jack and Dianne. You'll dance, you'll be nostalgic, and you'll never want winter to come back."

Lisa Moore
"Showing our kids that the same things we grow in our garden is in our ice cream brings a new energy to weeding."


Sources of greatness

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